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KYMS - Keep your media safe


Kyms looks like a working and stylish calculator App but it hides an inviolable vault in which to hide and encrypt all your multimedia and text files with military grade security (AES Encryption).*** Now with a powerful built-in browser with automatic download capabilities!***
Kyms is the only App on Google Play that decrypts files in real time, without any waiting! By tapping on a video, for example, it will start immediatly and the decryption will continue in background.
With KYMS you can hide, encrypt and protect:- Photos- Videos: ALL DECRYPTED IN REAL TIME WHILE WATCHING!!- Documents: text files
The media can be imported from:- Device local files- Device Camera- Your Mac or Pc through WiFi: by using a standard desktop browser and dragging files on it
Integrated Browser features:- Multi-tab fast internet browser- Ultra-simple video download feature: start a video to obtain the download button. - Private bookmarks and history
Additional security features:Login with: 4-digits Pin+Alphanumeric password Panic Gesture: Put your hand on the screen or close the smart cover to log out immediately (needs a device equipped with proximity sensor)